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Product Owner | Agile Enthusiast | Learning to Code

Professional team leader with over ten years of hands-on experience leading successful teams and digital initiatives by leading project sprints, ensuring high-quality delivery, exercising collaborative team and stakeholder management. Able to wear many hats, including coding and design. Focused on finding the right questions to ask and assemble. From market research to development, I observe and analyze behavior transforming it into actionable insights. Whether conceptualizing a new product or an existing one, I solve problems quickly and I iterate ideas that are engaging. I manage digital projects and products within diverse teams, from UX design, research to development.

Products I Worked On

Compliance Management System

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Email Newsletter


My team mate Samantha and I came up with an Email Newsletter to be distributed to an audience interested in learning more about healthy eating- what ingredients to choose, quick recipes and if eating out what healthy options they have among other things. We used Kanbanflow to organize our goals, tasks and ideas.Through this assignment I first forayed into pair programming and also got my first HTML steps and ended with contributing via Github. My main contribution was to come up with the the topic for the newsletter that both Samantha and I were interested in and also present her with a basic layout on Canva.

This project gave me a glimpse into how to succeed as a remote team as well as building my basic web deveopment and collaboration skills.

Tools + Technologies: HTML, CSS, Canva, Git, Github, VSCode

Portfolio Website


The goal of this assignment was to create a portfolio website while applying all the HTML and CSS I had learned. I was tempted to start with a template, however, most templates I came across were fairly complicated and I didnt think I would learn from them. Hence to meet the goals of this assignment I put my product owner hat on and decided to focus on the MVP - sharing about out professional and learning endeavors with the world wide web. This meant my first version might not focus on asthetics or would have everything in there. But it will highlight the most important features to get across and get noticed. I also wrote my first blog post about it as a starting point to plan my tasks. I started with user stories and implemented using HTML site map, program in html and later on add minimum CSS to showcase a cohesively flowing website. My version 2 will have more aesthetics added and further features as well.

Will update this with my takeaways as I finish my version 1

HTML, CSS, Github, VSCode

About Me

This is me

I am a product owner by profession, an aspiring web developer and a mother of two very spirited girls. I have learned that any product-physical or web based, should be user driven and emphasize empathy based design to create valuable solutions that are loved. I love working in product management since it allows me to be in the areas that interest me tremendously- design, user experience and finding solutions that work. I love it because I get to change lens between big picture and minute details. My future goals include empowering stay at home parents especially mothers trying to get back into the workforce based on my own journey and share the lessons I have learned along the way. Outside of work, I love cooking, sometimes hiking and spending time in the nature in one of the many national parks with my loving family.


  • 4 years of experience working as a Product Owner
  • 8 years of experience working in Agile space
  • Experience in health tech and telecommunication industry


  • Moms Can Code-Front End Development
  • Design 101- Design Lab
  • PMP Certificate
  • Six Sigma Certificate


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